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By Shanta Acharya The newly elected leader of the Conservative party and Prime Minister of the UK, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, has pledged to leave the European Union on 31 October 2019, ‘do or die’, if a free trade agreement cannot be reached by then. The ‘Withdrawal Agreement’ Theresa May, his predecessor, brokered was thrice rejected by Parliament. For Boris Johnson, this agreement is beyond resurrection unless the ‘backstop’, an insurance plan to avoid a hard border between Northern Ireland and its southern neighbor, is removed. The EU has…

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Is the referendum constitutionally binding?

Dear Editor, Please find space for my letter to Confluence readers who I know are a worthy group of people who enjoy reading Confluence and some of whom write wonderfully well for it. So why the silence? An extraordinary event has taken place which may affect our lives adversely and Mr A. Thyagaraja felt strongly enough to take up his pen and write to the Editor expressing deep apprehension and reservations about Brexit. It was hoped that his letter would arouse at least a few of you either to support…

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Did the BoZos get the BREXIT Referendum right?

Dear Readers,  We have long hoped that Readers of Confluence would write letters to the Editor whenever they wished to express approval or criticism or to raise questions. We have received a very interesting letter from a member of the Remain camp who feels strongly that the Leave camp’s victory in the recent Referendum was based on lies. Meanwhile the number of people who have asked for another referendum has soared into millions. We would urge readers to take up their pens and write for or against the views expressed…

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