Confluence May 2019 Issue

Confluence May 2019 issue(Click here to open the link)

Editorially Speaking

Dear readers,

I write this editorial with mixed feelings. Firstly, I am very pleased to bring another issue of Confluence amidst many constraints upon us, the editors. This is something the entire publishing world is undergoing in the modern days, but our situation is a unique one. We hope to surmount it with your encouragement and support only.

The ultimate shape of a magazine is very much determined by many factors but mainly the writers and readers. We are lucky that our writers and readers are progressive thinkers and they largely welcome the changes that we implement from time to time. Changes are inevitable, but those changes should be with a reason. As you all know online video contents are fast becoming part of our literary life. Bearing this in mind and the way publishing technology is moving forward, we have introduced some video contents on the front page of this issue. We would love to receive your feedback about your experience and how we could improve this further.

Unfortunately, any technological advances come with a price tag. Considering the benefits these advances could bring in the long term, we would kindly welcome any support from our readers.  Please send an email to discuss how you could support us.

Many events, including the tragic events unfolded in Sri Lanka on Easter Monday and the aftermath are deplorable. Elections are taking place in India, the world’s largest democracy but all the indications are that status quo there, won’t see much change. Human rights, education, religious freedom and free press are the cornerstones of any democracy but sadly we see this is not the case anymore in many countries of South Asia. Hope our contributors too will take a note of these in their writings. For those of us living in Britain the major disappointment during the last three years is the Brexit, but I very much hope we will see the end of the tunnel before our next issue.

We would like to have your submissions for the next issue starting from the beginning of next month so that we will be better prepared for our August issue. In the meantime, as always, we welcome your feedback through letters to the editor and we will strive to maintain a high standard.

Happy reading and enjoy summer!

Vijay Anand