Confluence February 2019 issue

Confluence February 2019 issue

Editorially Speaking

Feb 2019 issue

Dear readers,

This issue is a special issue for us even though it was delayed for many reasons. We try very hard to release each issue on time and we thank all our writers who have sent their work on time. I am really pleased to say that for the first time we have used our internal resources to produce this magazine rather than outsourcing the design work. This means it took us a little longer to get each page checked for content accuracy and overall look. We hope our readers will understand the constraints under which we are working and suggest ways to improve the presentation of the magazine in future.

Recently I received the following comment from one of our valued contributors. It read, “I noticed one change from your father’s time to now in the production that now it is taking more political bend, starting from the first page, while before it used to be page-after-page full of literary, and creative works!” I was really happy to receive the this comment even though it sounded like Confluence is changing its course from being a literary magazine to a current affairs magazine. Well, we are still a literary magazine, but we can’t ignore certain unprecedented events that are taking place around us. In South Asia as well as in the western world, political culture seems to be deviating from accepted norms. While we like to have diverse content, which will interest our readers we also would like to highlight these changes, as one day these events could become part of a literary work.

We would like to have your submissions for the next issue starting from the beginning of next month so that we will be better prepared for our May issue. In the meantime, we will be happy to receive your comments and we will strive to maintain a high standard in every issue.

Happy reading!
Vijay Anand