Confluence February 2018 issue is out now


Confluence February 2018 Issue

Editorially Speaking.

This is our first quarterly issue for 2018.

As usual it comes bundled up with a variety of interesting articles and stories for our growing informed readership.

As with changes in science and technology, in the literary world too, new ideas evolve in this ever-changing world. The world of music, theatre, cinema and art industry changes and moves into new horizons that we could never have imagined a few decades ago. In this respect, Confluence too would like to find room for new ideas that our writers may come up with. Bearing this in mind, for the first time we asked our writers to take part in a team project and come up with a joint story. The result was, ‘A Flight to Nowhere’, a chain story. Three of our contributors took up the challenge and teamed up to produce this story that was full of twists and turns, within a month. We are very pleased with what they have produced, and I hope our readers too will welcome this joint effort.

I am also pleased to note that we have had contributions from some new writers as well as from some of our previous contributors. Our experience indicates that the number of contributions we receive fall during the winter months but picks up again during summer though there is no perceptible reason for this trend. However, this does have an impact on our scheduling of each issue and the number of articles per issue. Therefore, I would like to ask our contributors to send their contributions regularly on time at least three weeks before each quarterly issue. We may decide sometimes to hold back an article for a subsequent issue. We would also welcome your comments in Letters to the Editor for publication in the next issue. Happy reading! Vijay Anand