Two poems: Demolishing Myths and Mists of time by Ananya Guha

poetry cornerDemolishing Myths

I read an article

about Western


author says the

machinating western world

in connivance with the corporate

is also terrorising, brigands and all

are terrorising people, raising armies

ISIS is different only because

it is media  pro

in India we are talking of Malls

Smart cities

no one is terrorised

as walking into Kentucky’s

with sobriety is social wealth

flaunting it a bit won’t harm

only some beggar children to witness

yup, yup, yup.

All began with the Church he


I look once again at India

and try to demolish

the cow and other allied

Holy myths.


Mists of time

Taking time off

whispering poems

in corners of soft

roads, paths transgressed

by love and, love making,

the rains take a call

and harness the wind

to fresh deeds of openness;

I take a few breaths and rummage

through some pages of past.

Calling, Poetry makes  appearance

only when you want  it. This town is ensconced

in poems of rushing streams and monoliths

that stand erect in man’s memories.

What do they mean?

A civilisation once, twice, upon a time

when minstrels sang euphoric songs

now cast into weaving poetry, hills

and mists of time?

Ananya GuhaAnanya Sankar Guha is a Bengali who lives and works in Shillong. He is an academic administrator at the Indira Gandhi National Open University. He has been been writing and publishing poetry for over thirty years. He says that he writes poetry instinctively.