Can we trust our politicians any more?

Can we trust our politicians any more?

  08 Jul 2016

lETTERS TO THE EDITORWe all know that the result of this ill-thought out referendum was a disaster for the country.

Following the result, Boris and Farage now have jumped off the sinking ship! They have and had no idea, what next? Obama has already said-‘It might take a decade to renegotiate business contracts with UK. Alain Juppe wants the borders moved from Calais to Dover. What chaos is waiting, I wouldn’t venture guessing!

The ‘Leave camp’ was blind-sided. For them the only focus was- Immigration. I heard and watched people talk about-‘There are no school places for our children, enough housing and doctors’ surgeries are crowded’. It’s all because of flood of immigration.  They don’t question the government for closing down hospitals or not building new houses or that there is not enough funding for schools. 17 million people voted to – Leave. If these are not xenophobic sentiments, then how would you describe their attitude? I am happy that the days of looting the colonies are over. It’s the immigrants and slavery which built this nation.

My niece works in a Lawyers’ firm, she is Indian and she tells me that all the rest in that company are Europeans and one or two Americans. There is an acute shortage of nurses, 10% job vacancies are not filled, one in 3 retire, 33.3% nurses are Spanish or Portuguese, 40% doctors are from the Indian sub-continent, without them UK cannot run NHS!

Many companies and banks are moving  jobs out of UK. Ryanair will not invest here anymore. The whole Brexit campaign was based on Lies! Now we have new liars- PM contender Andrea Leadsom tells more lies about her Experience and background. How can you trust these bunch of liars and self-serving Politicians!


                                                                                                           Chaand Chazelle