Reginald Massey awarded first prize for poem

Forward Poetry, Britain’s largest publisher of poetry,
recently held a competition on the theme of Love is in
the Air. Massey’s poem Existentiale was awarded the first
prize by the judges. The winner commented: “This goes
to show how South Asians are contributing to British
writing, art and culture. We are now in what is termed the
mainstream. The patronising label Ethnic writing is now
deposited in the dustbin of history.”



The surrealist shadows on the hills
grotesquely change
as the Constable clouds
bespangle the blue;
and the mist
nestling in the valley’s thighs
waits patiently
for the wanted wind.
The stream gushing its wailful chant
continues its valleyed way
and the mountains sing
in sea-green symphony . . .
We were prepared for the sunset
and the moonrise.
The night sky in July
was an artist’s cry;
while the moon climbed over hilldoms of pines
and the panther relaxed
on the rock face.
It was then that we
were caught in a cloud
and the mist
mingled with your hair,
and the droplets clung to your curls
like a million million pearls.
And through the furls of your cold dress
permeated your urgent
and warm caress.
Preserve that moment and save the soul.
The whole world can be redeemed;
The whole world can be redeemed
If the solitary second
Is wisely weaned.



Reginald Massey has been writing a regularregiland messi
Book Page for Confluence for years. His
poetry and prose on a variety of subjects
have been widely published. Most of his
books are available from Amazon UK.