EDITORIALLY SPEAKING – a constant evolution

This is the last quarterly issue for this year. Thisyear has been different in many ways, as we are in the process of changing from being a conventional tabloid magazine into a moremodern digital publication. I am delighted to say that the numberof online readers as well as contributors is steadily increasing since welaunched our online version. Confluence is now also available to read onthe Magzter online platform, which is subscribed to by thousands ofreaders worldwide. While I thank all our readers and writers for enthusiasticallysupporting Confluence and contributing to its unique status at present I appeal to our readers, tocommenton any part of the contents, by writingto us, as we always value your opinions.


In my last editorial, I shared my intention to stop publishing print issues of Confluence. Since then I have received many requests not tostop the print issues as well as suggestions to reduce the cost of printing.While we welcome any donations from individuals and organisations asa gesture of good will, we have to uphold our independent position aspublishers of a magazine which seeks to preserve its neutrality and valueswhilst seeking to improve our financial situation in a meaningful way.


Some consider Confluence to be a literary and academic magazine aimed at an upper middle class readership. Therefore, it has becomenecessary for me to clarify what Confluence is all about. Many of our reader would remember that Confluence was started as a magazine aimed at Britain’s multi-cultural audience, soon it gained popularity with the South Asian diaspora living globally and currently a majority of our contributors come from overseas, attracting more and more readers too from overseas. Reflecting this transformation Confluence adopted a secondary title of ‘South Asian Perspectives’ making it obvious who our target audience are.


During the course of our existence we have created a culture of publishing high quality work from any writer who understands thefocus of Confluence and is willing to work with us bilaterally. We areneither an academic journal nor a literary journal. In this context, Iwould like to remind you what my father and founding Editor JoeNathan said in his maiden editorial in 2002. He said “Confluence will bea reader-friendly paper—a forum for debate, discussion and dialogue.Come, get on board!” Our readers come from all sorts of background;

therefore we would like to encourage our writers to write articles which are not too technical or academic in nature.


On behalf of our editorial team I wish you all a prosperous 2016 in advance.