The miracle energy – An alternative medicine and a cure beyond imagination

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Does cancer mean you have to undergo chemo, lose hair, lose weight and change totally in appearance? Does infertility mean you have to remain childless for the rest of your life? Does osteoporosis mean you have to live on medicines and balms and live with pain and suffering? Well, the answer is NO!!

Have we ever wondered how the rishis and yogis in ancient times lived long and healthy lives? After several years of penance and meditation these yogis and rishis realised their own internal energies that gave them such longevity. In one of the conferences on alternative medicine, I asked this question – what was the secret to good health of the rishis and yogis in ancient times? And the immediate, interesting answer from one of the audience was – “they lived in the forest, they had no needs/greed for material possessions, they had no stress like the kinds we face today and therefore, they enjoyed such blissful lives”. Interesting, but not true – because, living in this materialistic, stressful world full of rigours, it is still possible for us to enjoy the same kind of blissful life. The question then is – How is it possible? The answer lies in realising the immensely potential energy that was realised by the rishis and yogis of the ancient times. Unfortunately, we live in a world dominated by science and believe that the conventional and modern medicines are the only cure available in forms like allopathy, naturopathy, homeopathy, or ayurveda. But each of these treatments that we know and use today are in one way or the other detrimental to our health. For instance, allopathic medicines, antibiotics and steroids provide quick relief but have adverse side effects from prolonged use. Naturopathy, homeopathy or ayurveda have lesser side effects however; take a longer time to provide a cure. So today being at the mercy of any of these types of medicines, do we have no respite? Is there no way out?  

Yes, there is!! We do have a powerful alternative medicine in the form of our own internal energy that provides a permanent cure, faster cure and leaves absolutely no side effects at all. As stated earlier, the realisation and utilisation of this energy is the modern day solution to all of life’s problems that we face day in day out as human beings.

I wish to share a powerful testimony of how I used this internal energy to cure my 10 year old arthritic condition. I suffered from the physical and mental pain of a hereditary rheumatoid arthritic condition and found no permanent cure in any form of medicine – allopathy, homeopathy or ayurveda. When someone told me about the realisation of my own internal energy through a one day yogic empowerment session could provide me a permanent remedy to my ailment, I wanted to give it a try. In the one day session, I was guided by the World Leading Siddha of Yoga, Divine Wisdom and Meditation Practice who awakened my internal energy (Kundalini) and taught me techniques like healing, sub conscious mind programming, Divine Shield, power transcendental meditation etc. which I could use in my daily life for both material and spiritual upliftment. Once out of the session, I wanted to try whether the healing technique using the Yogic Power works. I have to confess that, beyond my own belief, using the technique for just 3 minutes a day for 3 days led to me being completely cured of my arthritic condition. That winter passed without any pain and so did all the rest of the 6 winters till date. In fact, regular meditation with Yogic Power guarantees absolute good health every day. I can vouch for this because for the past 7 years, neither have I fallen sick nor have I called in sick at work even one single day.

What more happiness do we need than the guarantee of a stress-free and disease-free life? We all know that HEALTH IS WEALTH. We also quote this proverb many a time – ONLY IF WE HAVE A WALL, WE WILL BE ABLE TO PAINT. The passport to a happy, healthy life is now within your reach. The next Yogic Power Empowerment Session is to be held in London very shortly. Grab your phone and call me on 07748805078 (Seetha) or email on Do not let go of this wonderful opportunity as OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS ONLY ONCE ON EACH MAN’S DOOR and make this investment for a life time of good health, happiness and joy for you and your family!!

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